Friday, September 18, 2015

week 39 daily planner

week 39 prompt - remind yourself of something positive about yourself
this week's prompt was in response to that internal dialogue we sometimes find ourselves having.  it's so easy to doubt ourselves,  to find fault in our personality traits, and to focus on negative aspects of ourselves.  we wonder if we're nice enough,or if we give enough, or do we love enough.  the older i get, the more i find myself seeking the true spiritual qualities of, not only life, but of myself.  i am always gently urged by synchronicities of life, to go with the flow and to accept myself as i am - perfectly imperfect.

what is something positive you can say about yourself?


  1. I love this Roc and love the meaning behind it

  2. totally loooooove - well everything x
    thought provoking words - and I'm in that place too - a great place if we accept to simply go with the flow.....perfectly imperfect and happy!