Wednesday, April 16, 2008

chunky pages

i joined a swap on the mail art site i belong to and it's called house beautiful cat. the "cat" doesn't stand for the meowing kind of cat that some people might have thought but is short for "choose a theme". each artist that signed up will pick a theme that they want to make for pages to send to the other people who signed up. there are 11 people total in the swap. i chose my theme as "abc dollies". these are the dolls in progress so far that i will be using on the pages. i wanted to find a way to use alot of my paper scraps that i have accumulating as i seem to find it so hard to throw things out. i made a primitive doll shape and then glued paper across the shape. i stamped the letters a, b, c across the middle of the bodies and then sewed around them in orange thread. i left the thread hanging at the start and finish to look like little sprigs of hair. the face was made out of vintage paper that i painted with cream acrylic paint. when dry i used watercolor crayons to draw primitive looking faces and then used gel pens for the eyes and lips. i'm not quite done with them yet as the hearts will house the alphabet letter of the person's first name when i complete the chunky pages for each person. i'm happy with how they are turning out so far.

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  1. not the meowing kind of cat???? well i'm bummed now.... LOL!!!!

    roc, the doll's are adorable. i can't wait to get mine!