Friday, April 11, 2008

working ahead

yesterday i had started on a chunky page but didn't have a chance to finish it up until today. this is for my friend, cathy, that i trade with every month. she picked "beach" as the theme for june. i'm working ahead which drives her crazy. she really didn't want to tell me what the theme for june would be but i kept after her until she had no choice if she wanted me to be quiet. at last weekend's art gathering there was a girl named amy who showed me how she folded over her paper to make tabs which i did on this page. i thought amy was so clever and she loves her bright pink and baby blue gel pens to make stars so i did pink stars like she uses too. hey! maybe i should give amy this chunky page. what do you think cath?

1 comment:

  1. no, don't give it to amy. she wouldn't like it! it must come to me!
    hey, how do you do the folded paper tab thingy?
    btw, i love the page! i suppose you want august's theme now....