Wednesday, April 9, 2008

wednesday morning art time

yesterday afternoon i received a package from alpha stamps. it had some great stamps in it this time. i used one of the stamps to create this atc this morning. she has such a great face. i stamped her over some vintage flower paper and i really like the "pixelated" look it gave. the little sunburst shape was given to me by one of the ladies (dar) at the art weekend. it was quite shiny yellow and i wanted to mute it. after playing with it for a short time i discovered if i heated it with a heat gun it allowed the opaque paint pen to not rub off.


  1. WOW.....You lucky gal.....kewl stamp and what you did with it is impressive and lovely. I'm happy you are playing with the stuff.....wish I was there!
    LUV, Dar