Wednesday, September 2, 2009


my art friend, mandy is hosting a swap for haunted houses. you had to make an atc into a house shape. i really like how it turned out. i used lots of different inks in layers and masked out a moon shape. i used a white gel pen to add some highlights and viola!...a haunted house atc. in the past i've really not been a big fan of halloween. i guess i don't like what halloween "stands" for but this year for some reason i've been joining quite a few halloween things and had a great deal of fun doing them. i guess it really is just what you make it be. so for me i'm making my halloween things not so spooky and more whimsical. i hope everyone has a "boo-tiful" day!


  1. Yumm.... love this.... you are just amazing!

  2. This is just boo t ful.....I love the technique you used masking the are always raising the bar. Hugs, Diane

  3. Wowzers Roc this is soooo Cool, I really like your house I have a thing for creepy decrepit houses and yours is smashing.

  4. Oh Roc, your atc is fab!
    Is the house a stamped image?
    Luv it!

  5. Love the cut-out shape... how did you do the moon? It looks great!