Wednesday, September 16, 2009

circular inchies

i am trying to get a couple hundred inchies in my collection so i can make some inchie art to give away as christmas gifts this year.  i have quite a few so far but i don't have any circular ones saved so far so i decided to host a swap for them on amusing muses.


  1. inchies, how cool, so little, how do you do it. Love them.

  2. I would love to see your whole big inchie collection. I bet it is very impressive. Show us all of them someday?

    Hey, great minds . . . that guy face you have in the inchie on the right 2nd up from the bottom, I just had him in my Experiment No. 3 piece and changed my mind at the last minute and put another guy in. But I love that face - he looks so gentle and easy going (even though I got his face from a mug shot and police record - he must have been a kissing bandit or some other harmless happy low crime criminal - he looks too puppy-ish to be bad). These are all gorgeous!