Sunday, September 27, 2009

honoring my friend

my dear art friend, cassandra van curen has her atc book published in the 2009 holiday somerset magazine.  her work is so amazing.  she was kind enough to include one of my atc's in her submission piece.  i made the little voodoo dollie atc on the left side of her book.  congratulations to cassandra for an amazing article!


  1. congrats on your publication and your piece is awesome!

  2. Thanks Roc, I love that card! I am anxious to get my book back now. :) I am going to do another post with everyone's name once I get it back.


  3. Well I made it upstairs to my old computer and all my saved favorites and just had to see what you were up to!Congratulations to you and Cassi,i love both of your art!