Saturday, January 3, 2015

doing my own thing

for 2014 i took part in the documented life project.  i loved the idea of the planner.  it is different from the journaling i normally do.  what i found that i liked the best is to have it memorialize the year by keeping photos, using my happy printer, of my family and grandchildren through out the year.  i also discovered that i really like creating what i want to create, when i want to create it, so i have decided to do my own thing this year.

i decided to make my own planner.  i thought i would save the twenty dollars on the moleskein that i had purchased for the dlp last year.  needless to say, the twenty dollars would have been a bargain.  i had intended to make a one year journal, however, due to my miscalculations i ended up with a two year planner. 

it is about 9 x 5.  i like the size but because it is for 2 years it ended up being thick which required a lot of page preparation.  i also had to stamp all the dates in and make all the day seperation lines.  i sewed in the signatures and covered the spine with fabric.

here is the front cover:
here is the back cover:

the inside front cover:
the inside back cover:
here is the front of my 2015 year's goal page:
here is my first week's page. 
prompt i used:  use a quote about change for the new year  
here is what my first week's date planner looks like before i started writing in it:

here is my second week's page:
prompt i used: you are wandering and find a path - where would you like it to lead you?
i will be adding tips ins as i have photos.  i look forward to my journey this year.  if you'd like to follow along with me, i'd be happy to have you!


  1. I didn't participate last year....but I'm in for 2015. Love that they,re using the large Dylusions Journal as I always have lots to art about but few appts. or adventures to plan. I intend to fill my book with color and other fun stuff.

  2. I'm in this year...using a vintage ledger. I love your journal. X

  3. This looks fabulous Roc. Love your pages
    x catherine

  4. Looks terrific. Hope you have many wonderful things over the next two years to fill it up with!!

  5. Love your handmade Journal, Roc!

  6. Beautiful! You are an amazingly talented lady.