Friday, January 23, 2015

what i'm doing in my 2015 planner

i'm still working faithfully in my planner i made for this year, and i'm thoroughly enjoying it.  this week i have been thinking about judgements.  sadly i admit i do make them from time to time. i realize that it nothing short of grievous when i make them.  it is unfair of me to do that because i truly do believe we never know what the other person is feeling and experiencing in their lives to cause their behaviors.  it is something i definitely will be praying about and working on harder than ever.

what started this whole thought for this page was this sentence i found in a little kid's book quite a while ago.  when i was glancing through the pages for some reason this sentence jumped out at me.  i cute it out and put in my little pile of stuff to use later.  when i was rummaging through my clippings i saw it while something was going on in my personal life that i couldn't understand.

it's hard to watch other people, especially people you love dearly, live a life that makes no sense to you.  it's easy to think about it in a way that presents judgments.  i'm never proud of myself when that happens.  i always work myself through my thoughts with prayer, and i eventually come to the same conclusion that it is their journey with god and not mine.  i do my best to give it over to him.  he certainly knows better than i do.

so having that little bit of background and understanding that the sentence "making fun of a person" doesn't mean literally that i am making fun of a just means making judgments.  this is the page i've come  up with this week.
my week 5 prompt - what is something you do that you'd like to change about yourself?

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