Friday, January 9, 2015

what i'm working on in my planner

every friday i am completing a page in my planner.  i started my week before the new year so i'm sort of a head the game for the year.  if you follow along my blog posts week to week, you will learn a great deal about me.  this year my planner is all about me.  you'll see serious pages, funny pages and pages about love of family and friends.

my week 3 page i  wound up doing something for friendship.  i was mostly thinking about my female friendships and how they are so important to me.  they support me in ways that i think only females can.  i don't mean to sound anti men, because i am most definitely not.  i have quite a few male friends, and my husband happens to reign supreme when it comes to supporting me in everything i do.  i couldn't find anyone better for that, but i think females understand emotional depths of each other.  i truly cherish that. 

so my prompt to myself this week was:  how do your friends help you?

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