Wednesday, March 25, 2015

journaling in my bible

psalm 22:10
i was thinking about my relationship with god.  i can't remember a time that god wasn't in my life.  from the time i was little my mom always took me to sunday school and church.  each year we got pins if we had perfect attendance, which i did.  i think i was in my mid to late twenties until a job where i had to work weekends prevented me from going to worship every sunday.

over the years my relationship with god has changed, as have my views on how to worship.  every person requires something different.  i pass no judgements on that whole topic.  we can find god in every moment no matter where we are.

psalm 22:10 sums it up for me: "...and from my mother's womb you have been my god".  there is such reassurance in that passage.  i was born a child of god and i shall die a child of god.  he made me special and i stand in awe before him.


  1. Beautiful, Roc--Just Beautiful! I'm so glad that you're sharing these pages with us :) XOXO-Shari

  2. Is that paint? Does it wrinkle the page? It is absolutely stunning!

    1. sherrinda - it is a whole host of things: paint, markers, colored pencils, paper, and watercolors. it adds a little crinkle-like appearance, but once the book is closed and lies flat the pages smooth out.

  3. I love your thoughts here, Roc.

  4. Love your point of view as an artist. This page really caught my attention. I look forward to seeing your work.