Friday, March 20, 2015

weekly prompt - week 13

week 13 - using the letters in your name describe yourself with words
this prompt originated from something that happened to me a few years ago.  i was journaling and wanted to describe myself in three words.  i was having a bit of trouble settling on just three so i thought i'd ask my husband what three words he would use to describe me.  after he told me his three words, which none of them actually was the word "funny", i said to him, "don't you think i'm funny"?  he said "no. you're fun to be with".  to this day that sticks in my memory.  i like to think i'm funny.  i guess it is true we don't always see ourselves as others see us.

i decided to use my name and use each letter to pick words that help to identify my personality.  darn it anyway, i don't have an "f" in my name, and since there weren't any words i could think of to describe funny with an r, an o or a c, looks like i can't describe myself as funny either!

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  1. Love this Roc, I might even give it a try, no F's for me either lol x