Friday, March 13, 2015

what i've been doing

i've been busy making bracelets the past couple of days.  i needed a break from packaging up art supplies for the big yard sale at violette's on sunday.  if you live in the area, come see me.  i'm sure i'll have something you need.  i digress.  any way...back to the making of the bracelets.

i saw a dyi bracelet made from zip ties and i wanted to experiment and see what i could come up with.  here are my results. i think they'd made great stackable bracelets.  i'm going to make more plain ones so that the ones with embellishments can stand out more. 

if you are interested in any and would like to purchase one, or have one made, send me an email for more details.


  1. Oh wow, those are so fun Roc, love them

  2. Those are so cool! :::off to Google zip-tie bracelets!!:::