Tuesday, April 7, 2015

bible journaling

psalm 27:14
this morning i opened my bible to page 546 and as i read psalm 27:14 i stopped and smiled.  how appropriate this scripture is for me right now.  it serves as an important reminder to myself in lieu of recent events.

for those of you following along with, not only with my bible journaling, but my weekly planner writings, it will come as no surprise to you that i struggle with fears and anxiety over new things.

i admit that i love my routine and my same old, same old lifestyle.  imagine then, throwing a jury duty summons to that equation and it equaled a boat load of worry about the unknown.  my husband drove me to the court house so i could see where i had to go and for most people that would have been enough to squash any fears.  my mind doesn't ever shut off.  it whirls about at 100 mph with thoughts of, where will i park?, where do i go when i get inside?, what kind of case will i get?, where are the bathrooms?,  will people be friendly?, what if i have to stay the whole week?, what if i get a murder case and get sequestered?, etc.  as you can see, it is just basic nonsense that i have no control over, so why can't i let it go?

well low and behold, jury duty happened yesterday.  i had such anxiety, even when i was seated in the jury holding room that i literally thought i would throw up and faint.  it took nearly 3 hours for me to calm myself down and be okay in that new environment.  i prayed continuously and i'm sure that is why i didn't actually throw up or faint.  as the day unfolded,  i was not picked for the jury panel my name was called for and i was allowed to go home in the middle of the afternoon.

the entire time i walked to my car i was thanking god for getting me out of there.  i was mentally and physically exhausted from the dread and nervousness that whole situation caused.   it seems so silly that such a mundane, non ordinary situation can cause such internal havoc.  logically i know that.  i am trying to tame the inner body to make that connection.

so when i read "be strong and let your heart take courage" it is a reminder of what i am working on this year for myself - to be brave and do things with out fear and let nothing hold me back.  i want to be like a lion;  fierce and courageous, however,  yesterday i was more like the cowardly lion in the wizard of oz.   but i have faith that with god all things are possible.  roar


  1. This is so awesome Roc, I just love seeing your Bible journaling.

  2. Oh heavens, I feel your pain! I am the same way. Seems like the older I get, the more anxiety I have. Esp. about things like Dr appts and jury summonses etc. Sometimes I think a valium would help but not sure my docs would agree! :/ How lovely of God to share that verse with you in such a timely manner AND to open your heart to hear it.

  3. It is amazing how reading the Word will give us peace and comfort…There are so many other passages that apply to those as well. Glad you found your rock to anchor your worries and fears Roc…. take care… follow you often, but I can never post….

  4. What medium did you use for this? And what is the ISBN # for this particular bible? I ordered one, but it has lines in the journal space?

    1. mine has lines on the sides - but they are faint. i used watercolors and my black pitt pen for the lines.
      ISBN-10: 1433531917

  5. gorgeous bible journaling, love that lion; and hurray to answered prayer not throwing up or fainting- praying that next time you have more confidence knowing you had answered prayer and confidence this time

  6. Love your blog! And I haven't even read it yet! Just looked at the pictures. That's what I do first. cause i need to do a million things and then go to work. But I'll be back. Cause from the pictures, your blog is just my type! Have a great day! patsy