Friday, April 24, 2015

weekly planner - week 18

week 18 prompt - what do you see when you look in the mirror?
this week the prompt was motivated by one of my own unique, personal experiences. i developed this little growth on the very tip of my nose. it's a small tiny bump that just simply wants to be, but, oh, how it annoyes me every time i see it.  what is it about growing older that these bumps and spots have a mind of their own and take up residence where ever they feel entitled?

i went to see a dermatologist and apparently it is nothing serious, which was wonderful news as far as that piece of the story goes.  the doctor said i could have it removed, but that it may or may not grow back.  being the bravery-challenged person i am, i left the office with my bump still attached because i needed to think about having it removed.  

i am not too ashamed to admit that i didn't inherit my dad's high pain tolerance which causes me to fret about my health care interventions.  so, as you can guess, i've been thinking about it for quite a while now and still have not had it removed.

i don't know if anyone else ever notices it when they see me, but when i look in the mirror it's the first thing i spy.  so i frequently remind myself that god made me and i'm perfect in his eyes; the perfect reflection in his mirror of love.  do you have a love mirror in your house?


  1. Great journal page, Roc. Can I tell you that sometimes when you leave them alone, bad things do end up happening. I had a "thang" come up in my ear years ago. Everyone told me it was "nothing and don't worry about it." When it finally got to the point of it really bothering me, lo and behold, it was melanoma. So my advice (such as it is!) would be to get it removed now. Don't take a chance. The little bit of pain now will be less than the whole lot later if it DOES turn into "something."

  2. Nice page Roc, I love the thoughts behind it too. God sees us as perfect in his eye so why don't we see that as well? We often pick ourselves apart don't we? I would say, if it's not broke (anything serious) don't fix it.

  3. Great page-I am right with you God feels at 50 I need teenage acne!!!! I just think-it could be a whole lot worse so...