Friday, April 3, 2015

weekly planner - week 15

week 15 prompt - list 10 things you love about your life
this week my prompt was to list 10 things i love about my life.  in today's world it is so easy to get in to a trap where you just focus on the negative things.  this is one reason i don't like reading the paper or listening to the news.  i just don't want my world filled with sadness.

i opt for joy and goodness to abound in my life and i am mindful to say positive affirmations, spread love and kindness, and avoid gossip.  i truly do have so many blessings and it was fun to write about it, although i could have easily written more than 10 things for my pocket of yumminess,  but here are my blessings i chose to write about:

1.   my faith
2.  my husband
3.  my kids
4.  my grandchildren
5.  my family
6.  my friends
7.  my art
8.  my health
9.  where i live
10.  my home

what 10 things do you love about your life?


  1. I've seen pockets like this in the hobbycraft shop near us but never thought to do a list like this, what a fab idea!!