Friday, June 12, 2015

weekly planner - week 25

week 25 prompt - what do you remember about childhood play?
growing up i must admit i was a true tomboy.  i  had an older brother who was a little rough with me.  he thought i was a pest and i probably was. 

our neighbors were  mostly boys, as well as most of my cousins that came to visit, and so if you wanted to play you had to be ready to tumble.  we played lots of baseball, wiffle ball and football.  

i found that in school the girls seemed so delicate to me.  they liked to play in an entirely different way that the boys played.  i was also a little mean and bossy when i was younger.  i just played nicer with the boys.  most of my friends were boys.  they had a different way of being.  they didn't talk about people, if they got mad, they got over it in a hurry and were less particular about dress and manners.

to this day i'm not a girly girl.  i don't like to dress up, wear make up, fuss with my hair.  i really am a tomboy at heart.  thank heavens i have a husband who doesn't care about any of those girly things.  he prefers the no fuss, no make up look.  my husband has been one of my first male friends.  

i saw him in the fourth grade and i knew i'd marry him.  he's seen me grow up through my entire life and still decided to marry me.   now i won't even comment on all the possibilities of what could be wrong with that scenario, but oh, how i love him.  i am thankful he was one of my earliest childhood playmates.  i couldn't image my life without him.

so what do you remember about your childhood play?


  1. I'm like you! I was never a play with dolls, play "princess" dress-up, tell secrets, all that. I was an outside girl. We had mostly girls in our neighborhood, so I was the "loner/outcast" because I didn't want to play their reindeer games! But it's ok! I learned to march to my own drummer and I still do to this day. I LOVE your journal page!

  2. Roc, I went with the boys to. Girls didn't play nice!! I too don't wear make up and I live in my jeans :) Saying that I do like to be surrounded by pretty things.
    Love your page :)