Friday, June 26, 2015

weekly planner - week 27

week 27 prompt - what makes you beautiful?
learning to love ourselves can be difficult.  we live in a society where we have such high standards of what beauty is.  we see skinny, beautifully featured people on magazines and in movies.   we are bombarded with airbrushing and beatutifying techniques everywhere.  it is a little unsettling to think that beautiful people still need technology to glamorize them even more.

when will it be ok to find beauty an internal quality rather than an external one?  in my opinion, i need to start with myself.  i can hear the internal chatter in my mind; you're too heavy, your hair is too straight and flat, you are starting to get wrinkles, you don't exercise enough...and then i tell myself to be quiet.

it is easy to talk badly to myself.  my ego wants me to be competitive with the beauty around me.  but honestly, when i quiet myself, i am enough.  i am really good right where i am.  are there things i can improve upon?  of course there are.  but life unfolds as it should.  i grow as i can.  

i know that i have many good qualities.  i do my best to remind myself of them when start to hear the not so good chatter.  i am a child of god, so how bad could i be?  i am growing in my own uniquely funky spiritual way. 

what about you?  what makes you beautiful?

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