Friday, June 19, 2015

weekly planner - week 26

week 26 prompt - do you make assumptions?
this week's prompt was created by a conversation i was having with my husband over a news segment.  of course, it was a violent crime, and the conversation was mostly about how disappointed i get with people.  it is hard to understand what leads up to events that have violence against people or animals.

my mind can't seem to phathom the possibilities or rationale behind other peoples' action and their seemingly senseless behaviors.  i once saw a billboard that said something to the effect that nothing is good or bad, that is our beliefs that make them so.

when you really think about that, there can be a lot of truth to that statement.  if i grew up in other cultures and countries, my beliefs and behaviors would be very different.

in having this discussion with my husband i realized that there are many things that happen that it is quick to judge as bad or wrong.  i do not know what transpired  in anyone's life.  i don't have all the facts, only what is being used a media fodder.  i don't know what anyone's journey is here on earth.  i don't know what god has in store for anyone.  that person's journey is with god and not with me. 

in the end nothing is as clear as it seems in my assumptions.  my mind wants to have everything figured out and categorized so i can put it in a nice, neat, little package and try to make sense of it.  unfortunately there are many things that just are not going to fit anywhere like i want to envision it.

i am learning that making assumptions and being quick to judge doesn't allow me to grow as an individual.  it doesn't afford me the chance to seek compassion and understanding.  i am working on that this year.  i'm learning to allow grace and forgiveness, albeit sometimes difficult. 

what about you?  do you make assumptions?

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  1. Great post! I think it's human nature to judge first and ask questions later... BUT, I am also working on trying not to be so quick with the assumptions and avoid passing judgement :)