Friday, August 21, 2015

my daily planner - week 35

week 35 prompt - do you see your life in black or white or is your world a gray area?
i created this page in response to some deep conversations with friends over people's behaviors and changing laws.  i am always left wondering what goes on inside of people's minds when they have such rigid views on things and are unable to yield.

i've learned over the years to not provoke such conversation, especially when my views are so different.  i've had experiences that taught me i won't change the opinions of others when they are emotionally charged.  i often times find that inside i feel worked up over their views, but i keep reminding myself internally, their statements are not my truth, but just like me, they are entitled to their opinions.

all i can do on any given day is my best.  i try to be a better person today than i was yesterday.  some days i'm more successful than others, but  i always strive to do my very best to see many possibilities for a circumstance.  i have lived long enough to realize that things are rarely what they appear to be, so for me i believe things are never truly black and white.

what about you?  how do you see things?  are you black and white or gray person?

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  1. so agree with you roc...awesome blog post and ofcourse i always envy your creations