Friday, August 7, 2015

my weekly planner - week 33

week 33 prompt - can you forgive and forget? or are you a grudge holder?
this week's prompt comes from dealing with forgiveness.  often times you hear it said, forgive and forget.  for me, that is a wonderful way to live your life.   notice, i said "your" life!   forgiving means to intentionally let something go by changing your attitude and emotions that surrounded an act that was hurtful to you. 

time usually has a way of softening most of emotional wounds i encounter.  i am a "reactor" by nature.  so, when something happens and i imemdiately get emotionally charged, and then after a few days i have calmed down, i am able to look at it in new ways, and find i am able to work through it.  the majority of times i can't even recall what happened. 

there are those select times, however, that is not the case.  why is that?  what makes some things sting more than others?  why do some things feel so personal while other things can roll off your back?  if i had the answers to those questions i would always be able to totally forgive and forget. 

holding a grudge means you are unable to let something go.  you harbor some kind of  grievance or ill will towards it.  i do have a couple of those issues present in my emotional baggage.  while the hurt i feel when i recall them has signicantly lessened, there is  a sort of emotional charge slightly present.  i am confident that with more time all of those will fade and i won't be able to recall them as well.

what about you?  are you able to forgive and forget?  do you hold grudges?

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