Friday, August 14, 2015

my weekly planner - week 34

week 34 prompt - who is the biggest blessing in your life?
i have so many things i am grateful for in my life;  my faith, my family and my friends.  i wouldn't be where i am without any of these components missing from my life, and i truly know that from the bottom of my heart.

i also know, that with out the love, support and encouragment from this man, my day to day life would be empty and missing that extra special something we all need.

i met todd in fourth grade and i had a deep sense of knowing that someday i would marry him.  we did get hitched when he graduated from college and we had two children.  we raised our family in the pocono mountains in pennsylvania.   when he decided to retire early from teaching, we sold everything, put a few things in the back of our suv and found ourselves in florida, enjoying the warm weather year round.

todd is a good man.  the kind you don't come across everyday.  he is loyal, funny, and the best support system to my "i love lucy" schemes and dreams that a girl could ask for.  god has blessed me with my own personal earthly angel.

what about you?  who is a blessing in your life?

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