Saturday, October 17, 2015

if you build it they will come.....

 my husband is such a hard worker.  he was out building a little pond for us today. 
it is much smaller than our 10 x 20 foot pond we had when we lived in pennsylvania
but it does bring back wonderful memories of that pond.  we had so much nature
to watch at that pond.  i really did love it.  it took us 7 weeks to build that one but it was all dug by hand.  we really didn't have any idea what we were doing at the time,  but some how through our ignorance, the pond when finished, really looked like it had been there forever.  it was beautiful.
this pond took only an afternoon for todd to put in, and it is now ready to be filled 
with water.   we will be faced with a challenge of landscaping around it however,
because our water softener dumps into the ground there and it is very saline.
that is one reason we are putting in a little raised pond, because the plants keep
dying that we plant there.   we have three ledges inside the pond for pond plants so i think
those will be safe at least.  once the water stabilizes we will look for fish.   i am excited to see 
some little swimmers once again.

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  1. We hand dug a pond almost 20 years ago. Our is about 10 x 4 and 4 feet deep. We have koi and shubuken fish and lots of plants. Birds love to bathe and drink from the waterfall we also built. I love the sound of the flowing water!