Thursday, October 8, 2015

making envelopes and stationary

i've always enjoyed writing letters and sending happy mail.  i still am pretty faithful about it to this day.  i love making envelopes and homemade stationary.
being a faith filled person i like to include little reminders in my art.
here are two of the trifold pieces of stationary i'm currently working on.  they are works in progress and not quite finished yet.
when you open it up you can see it creates three sections.  i cut paper to fit each of the sections and used washi tape to secure them at the top.
i stamped lines on the backside of the paper to double my writing space in each section.  i have about 5 i am currently working on, but these two were the furtherest along in the process.
i hope you find some inspiration in this and will send someone you love a piece of happy mail.  i know they'd love it!