Friday, October 9, 2015

week 42 - my planner

week 42 prompt - what is one word that seems to best describe what you've been doing this year?
it seems this year i've been doing a lot of searching.  searching for missing art supplies, searching for  healthy recipes, searching for natural choices that aid in better health, etc.   all these things, except art supplies in a messy art room,  are easy to find if you google them.   but on a deeper level, a spiritual level, i've been searching my soul for all kinds of things.  no, not my faith, that is never lost.  never.  but for a deeper meaning of life.  how can i be more present in other people's lives?  how can i be more of a blessing and of service to others?  how can i be kinder and more loving?  those answers come easy to some.  why, yes, even i understand actions that allow that, but there are times when i am tired, or don't feel well, or just feel a bit selfish of my time, that i don't always go out of my way to do what maybe i should do.  i do my best on my most days, but there are days i am sure i fall short.  so i continue on in my prayers to ask for guidance to have god guide me where i need to be.  and some days he even leads me to a lost art supply. 

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