Friday, November 27, 2015

daily planner prompt - week 49

week 49 prompt - describe your life in 5 words or less
this week's prompt was brought about by a recent illness i had.  i babysat my grandsom for a few days and he was sick and happily shared his little germs with me.  who knew that a tiny tot could have such deadly germs?  he was better in a few days and there i was sick for a few weeks.  i had to give in and go to the doctor.  as it ended up i had pink eye in both eyes and a terrible throat infection.  i was on a few different antibiotics.  i am happy to say that i am finally better, but it is during the times your health is compromised that you truly appreciate the days of well being and joyful living.  i am truly grateful for my blessed life.

what about you?  how would you sum up your life in five words or less?

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