Friday, November 6, 2015

day planner prompt - week 46

week 46 prompt - what is something you are afraid of?  what scares you?
this week's prompt is about fear.  for my artwork for the prompt i picked bees and spiders, but honestly, most bugs sort of freak me out.  i know exactly how that all started.

i was a kid and standing at the top of our stairs to go down in to the cellar and a wasp stung me in the neck and i fell down the stairs and my arm got caught between the side of the stairs and a support beam for the house.  i remember my mom helping to get me down.

i admit that besides my bug phobia there are other fears i wrestle with, too, and i believe i could write a small article outlining them all.  i will spare you the grizzly details.

so what about you?  what scares you?

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