Wednesday, November 11, 2015

working on some stationary

i've been making some sationary for my personal use for a while now.  i love writing letters to people.  in this day of technology everyone seems to text or email.  in my opinion, while it is wonderful to have such immediacy at times, i miss good old fashioned letter writing.  there is something so happy about opening up my mailbox and seeing an envelope tucked inside.

i'm going to share, over the next few months,  some of the notes (they're all works in progress) i've been making and maybe one of them will inspire you to send a creatively made hand written note to someone you would like to share a little joy with.

this envelope was just a plain white one.  i used a pencil to lightly draw circles that overlapped one another.   the upper left ribbon is a stamp that i thought would make a great return address label.  i used copic markers for all the color and i used gel pens  for a little pop of color.

this is the note card that goes inside.  i added some collage bits to the front to change it up a bit.
when you open up the card i used a stamp on the blank inside and then used washi tape to secure some tags and cards in place, and added numbers to help the person receiving it follow along the proper order or the hand written letter.

this letter is a work in progress, as i will add tabs and more imagery and ephemera when i actually go to use it.  to me half of the enjoyment is not really knowing when to quit when it comes to all you can add along the way.



  1. Just want to say . . . . I L-O-V-E this idea, and totally agree with the happiness and joy that comes with receiving a handwritten note in the mailbox!!! You've taken the old notecard idea and have elevated it to little works of art!!! Brilliant, Roc!!! You always inspire and amaze me!!! ♥

  2. I love this Roc. Just like you, I really enjoy letter writing and love getting letters. Fab, fab, fab xx