Friday, December 4, 2015

daily planner prompt - week 50

prompt - week 50 - describe what travel means to you
this prompt was brought about by this wrapping paper i found at a craft store.  i just loved it when i saw it on the clearance rack at michaels.  i didn't pay much attention to the tiny words on it because i was purely struck by the bright colors and lovely roses.  when i got home and took it out of its wrapping, that's when i read the words on it.

things jumped out at me like: you should strike out on new paths, our deeds still travel, travel can inspire me, worn paths of accepted success, etc.   little bits and phrases that inspired me.  since i am not a big fan of travelling far distances i began to think about how i travel, what am i missing if i don't travel, and the list goes on - mostly because it seems my mind never settles.  

i began to realize that i can travel far and wide without really having to go anywhere, and that travel doesn't necessarily mean hopping on a plane, boat or car.  i see all limitless wonders all around me.  nature hosts a huge assortment of miracles that i witness every day.  the internet brings all kinds of things right into my home.  technology allows to travel with things like skype, email, googling about other cultures, etc.  while some people love the thrill of actually being somewhere different i totally enjoy being in my home and having every day adventures. 

what about you?  how do you describe what travel means to you?

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  1. I'm afraid to let my mind wander too far. It might not ever come back!! ;)