Friday, December 18, 2015

daily planner prompt - week 52

week 52 prompt - what is something you were reminded of this year?
wow! here we are at week 52.  this year has seemingly flown by.  i swear, the older i get the faster my years go.  it's been a joy filled year.  so many blessings were bestowed upon me, despite having had a few not-so-great moments thrown in the mix as well. 
 one thing that kept coming up for me this year had to do with being happy. 

when you experience the loss of a dear loved one, sadness seems to abound.  when you see someone you love suffering and going without it is hard on your heart.  not being able to help someone you love in a way that feels good is wrapped in guilt and grief.  it has been a year filled with a lot of reminders that most of life is out of my control.  the good news is that every day i have choices i can make.  i can opt to be sad or happy but the things that are out of my control are still going to transpire no matter what emotion i choose. 

i believe life is better when we are positive thinkers.  in todays world, so many people live in such a state of immediacy.  everything has to happen now and when it doesn't they aren't happy.  we are becoming an impatient lot of people.  so many folks look to others for love to find their worth and happiness.  examples abound and i could give you more of them, but the basic message is that we all choices in the way we will live our lives. 

 i believe it basically boils down that we program ourselves based on so many factors; social, economic, psychological and spiritual.  it is possible to retrain our beliefs and thinking and consciously choose to be happy.  yes, being content in the moment, whether it is a great time or a could-be-better time, and making the most of what you have is part of the secret to finding happiness.  the wonderful news is that no moment lasts forever.  each moment is only 60 seconds long.  there is salvation in that news. 

for those of you who have been following along my planner journey it's been a wonderful year together. what were you reminded of this year? i have my planner ready to go for the new year.  it is a bible based theme i'll be doing for 2016. i hope you'll follow along with me.  merry christmas and happy new year!

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