Wednesday, April 15, 2009

queen bee

today i had a chance to work on card for a bee swap i'm participating in. i dug out my old trusty bee stamps that i got from invoke arts a year or two ago. i know some people may think stamps have no place in art, but i am quite fond of using stamps in my art work. i actually got my start in the atc world with my rubberstamps and i think that using stamps to create something pleasing to the eye is much harder than it looks. i love stamping and cutting images out and paper piecing things together, so using that technique here is the bee card i came up with.


  1. I love stamps too! I'm also v fond of Invoke Arts :-) Love the bees on your card. Kate

  2. I say pish posh on those that don't like stamps (or pointy hats and wings)! You make the most lovely art I've ever seen. Just like this - so very beautiful!

  3. I have that bee hive stamp myself and love it! My latest batch of sketches for Illustration Friday themes have been done around a bee theme. Very productive creatures! Nice to see your work.