Wednesday, May 20, 2009

altered photo mat

a wonderfully clever artist friend of mine, tracey, had a brilliant idea to alter a photo mat. i just love it when people think outside the box! it always inspires me so. tracey wanted the mats to have a theme of "friends". i had to think on this one a little while for an idea but, of course, you know how much i love birds so i figured i just had to give in to it and incorporate it some how. so here is what i came up for my mat for the challenge. it was so much fun that i believe i will have to do a couple of more. wouldn't these make beautiful gifts?


  1. Love this Roc...made me want to do one..You should photograph your spinner and share it with us...please please please.......

  2. This turned out really well Roc!

  3. You have such a neat talent. LVE the cards you do.