Monday, May 4, 2009

inch by inch

my friend, jan, made this wonderful piece of art using her inchies and i just loved it, so i asked her where she got her frame for it and i made one too. it takes 100 inchies to fill the frame so i'm bound and determined to get another 100 to make another one. i'm hosting a heart inchies swap and i dug out my watercolors to make backgrounds and i also did a piece just to use to cut out heart shapes.


  1. Wow can't wait to see your 100 framed inches. Hope Benny is doing well.

  2. yes, i've been wondering aboutt benny, too. how's he doing?

    love these hearts!

    and where do i get a frame? that's a wonderful idea.

  3. Roc - I knew you would love your inchie art!

  4. They are so lovely and fun! I adore them! They are what made me want to try this!