Tuesday, May 5, 2009

nursery rhymes

a good art friend of mine is hosting a fairy tale swap for atc sized cards. i had this humpty dumpty stamp for ages that i got from alpha stamps (check out their website at: www.alphastamps.com) quite a long time ago and just didn't have the chance to use it. i often wonder when i look at people's art...and i ask myself...how did they do that? so i've been thinking i will share the steps in making some of the art i post for anyone who is curious. here's what i did for this atc: i stamped humpty on white cardstock and colored it in with copic and prismacolored markers. then i stamped some dots on top his little head. i cute out the entire stamp and edged it in an opaque black paint pen and light brown ink. the atual atc background was created by using a blue cardstock which is suppose to emulate night time and then i used a metallic blue gel pen and wrote the humpty dumpty nursery rhyme on it. i took some blue acrylic paint and painted haphazardly around the edges of the card. i also used acrylic paint to stamp the yellow swirl which is suppose to be the moon. i added some other stamps around the sides and stamped the stars across the top which i colored the numbers inside the stars with a light yellow gel pen. i cut slits in the humpty stamped image around the bottom of his feet to free them so i could slide a piece of green paper (painted with acrylic paint and then stamped with an "assemblage" definition stamp) underneath them.


  1. Oh, he is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your technique with us!

  2. He is a little doll. AND thank you for the details. - Donna

  3. Oh my goodness. I am so glad you shared the process. I bet you knew exactly what you were going to do before you even started, you make it sound so easy. Makes me think I need to work a little harder. Oh, how I wish you could fly and tutor me for a weekend! It's perfect, PERFECT, Rocstar!

  4. Roc, I love the colors you chose here. That blue looks just like the hour right before nightfall. I want to do something on an Alice in Wonderland theme and this shade of blue has given me inspiration. Thank you SO much for sharing the process. I don't know a thing about stamping art and I often wonder how artists achieve such intricate details using stamps. It nver occurred to me to color in a stamp with markers! How about that? This weekend I'm going to find a stamp I love and use your post as a tutorial.