Sunday, February 1, 2015

my planner - my week six

this week i've was thinking about how i got to move to florida.  i was born and raised in pennsylvania.  my husband and i met in fourth grade and the rest is history, as they say.  he taught in that very school district for his whole teaching career.  our children went to the same school that we did.  they even had their dad as their history teacher.  sometimes life can be so small and self contained and then things happen you could never imagine in a million years - like selling everything and packing up your car and moving 1200 miles south.

i like being in the "rut" as people refer to it.  i call it my special groove.  i like knowing what is coming.  i'm not one for surprises unless they wrapped up pretty with a big bow.  then i'm in all the way.  but as far as my life, i like the easy, predictable kind of living.  so when we put our house of 30 years on the market and told people we were moving to florida, everyone who knew me was shocked.

i moved down here on my own and did some teaching with my journaling for a few years.  my husband still was teaching.  so we did the traveling back and forth.  i think my husband never thought i could be on my own.  i think he thought it would be harder on me than on him, when in reality the opposite was true.

it was a very good thing i did, to push myself out of my comfort zone and the predictable life i had up north.  i grew in ways i didn't know i could.  it was good to be independent and learn to rely only myself.  after a few years my husband decided to retire early from teaching.  he had reached a point where he knew it was time to retire. 

so here we are.  living the dream in central florida.  we absolutely love living here.  my house is adorably small, but, oh, so homey.  we enjoy the peace and quiet and stress free lifestyle.  we love the weather.  now we just say we shovel sunshine.  how hard is that?!   we do miss our family and friends up north very much and we try our best to get up there several times a year.  if i were rich i'd fly up every month.  i keep thinking i'll win the lottery, but in reality i'm not sure how that will happen because i never play.  but i should. my chances are as good as everyone else's who has won.

so here is the page i've created for this week.
my prompt for week 6 - what is something you've done in your life that you are proud of?

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  1. I think as women, we are more resiliant than we give ourselves credit for. I tend to "roll with it" sometimes better than our men do! I for one am glad that you moved to my home state. Otherwise, I might never have met you! Your journal page is so beautiful and meaningful.