Sunday, February 22, 2015

my planner journal

week 9 prompt - what do you wish for when you are feeling frustrated or sad?
i am now on week 9 in my planner for those of you following me along my personal journal.  this page was created during a time i felt very frustrated at not being able to do something i wanted because the funds were not there to do it.

for any of you that know me well, i'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to how i live my life.  i don't like to shop, unless it comes to art supply shopping, so you won't find me in the latest fashions or aspiring to be like imelda marcos, the shoe queen.

nope.  none of that calls to me.  however, when i want something, i would like to be able to get it.  now, having said that, since this page was made and ready to be posted, i've forgotten what it was i wanted.  how is that for irony at its best?  looks like i really didn't need it after all.


  1. great page and you make me chuckle. too funny that you don't remember what it was you wanted, that's a hoot!

  2. Gorgeous art journal page!
    I understand the love of art supplies! that's the one thing I wish I had an endless flow of money too....
    it's funny that you can't remember what it was you wanted though, lol!

  3. This is a wonderful page Roc, what a wonderful way to capture your emotions.

  4. Cute page and post! Art supplies are always first, most of the time!