Wednesday, May 21, 2008

alpha stamps project

i've been working on a gothic arch that i could use a great many of the alpha stamps supplies on. on this particular arch i was able to use a great variety of their rubber stamps, collage images, and a new item they have, which is the ability to make a collage sheet into a sticker collage sheet. the black vine along the bottom gives you an idea of what the collage stickers are like. i think they are quite fabulous myself. you cut out around the image on the sheet, peel and then stick it to your artwork. it blends in very well and you don't have to be exact with how you cut. i can think of a friend who might actually like that idea as she hates to cut out images. personally i love the tiny intricate cutting. it's sort of like therapy for me. well not that i need therapy, or do i?


  1. Your work is always inspiring...I have linked you to my blog and hope you will list me on yours too. Lets not be such strangers. Hugs, Diane

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!