Monday, May 26, 2008

altered spoons

i'm sure anyone who collects arts magazines had to see the altered spoons in one of those magazines. someone on the mail art site is having an altered spoon swap. i found two old spoons at the salvation army but that was all that was in the bin there. i am going to keep one for myself and turn one in for the swap. i think i'll put magnets on the back of the one i keep and put it on my frig.


  1. Roc - those spoons are great. I altered a fork a few months ago and it was fun.

  2. Roc they been both gorgeous, thank you so much for the inspiration.

  3. Your spoons look marvelous, really Love them. I got very excited after the Nov/Dec Somerset issue I think it was and made a rash of altered cutlery myself. It is so much fun, nice to think of giving these old odd pieces a new life. Yours are an inspiration!