Saturday, May 10, 2008

saturday spin

i finished up another atc card for my 7 gypsies atc spinner. i try to keep myself disciplined to make a few at a time so i have a little stash of them for later when some personalized swaps i do with a few ladies in california comes about the first of the month. i haven't gotten to do any of them in quite a while so my little arsenal of cards is too low for my comfort zone. i just received a wonderful package from alpha stamps yesterday in the mail. it was filled with collage sheets, stamps and a couple of sticker sheets of the collage images. anyone who knows me knows that i can't keep supplies more than a couple of days without using as many as i can possibly wrangle up. i've been busy the past few days but i was just itchin' to get my grubby little hands on some of those goodies. the city row and sun are part of the clear stamp sets i received. i actually like it so much i might have to keep this one for myself. that bunny just makes me giggle.


  1. the bunny is just too darling.

    and i love the sun and cityscape. but i'm thinking clear stamps are more my style than yours. (hey, i'm relentless! can't blame a girl for trying!)

  2. ooohhhh gorgeous .... love the bunny! lol