Sunday, May 25, 2008

passing time

i am so tired from gardening and cutting bushes today. we have these huge shears that are built for a massive muscle man that my husband gave to me to use. i laughed right out loud when he handed them to me but he said these are the best ones. until i finished pruning just the one side of the house my arms felt like jello. i couldn't do anymore. i took a break that lasted for the rest of the day! i did have time, on my break, to make another gothic arch. it seems like i am consumed with these things. i have to blame my friend mandy. she is the queen of making arches and i loved hers so much i decided to give them a try and now i can't stop. of course i'd rather make an arch then lift those pruning shears!


  1. kewl Roc! Yes, art is way more fun then triming bushes...ROFL!!! These are make it look so easy too! OXOXOX ArteDar

  2. I'm with you on the pruning thing! (although I love flowers and gardening, there's something about that heavy lifting....I'd much rather be using my fine motor skills!) This is a beautiful arch. I love the deep turquoise and rose in combination with the romantic image. Mandy inspired me to try my first Gothic arch too!