Saturday, May 24, 2008

saturday's art

it seems that i am on a gothic arch roll these days. this arch actually depicts a few of my most favorite things; birds, flowers in bloom and the mail box. i just love to get mail art! i actually did make a few other things inbetween the last arch and this one. i am trying to make a few arches to get a jump start on a swap with three other women that starts in june. it seems that my days go so fast lately. i haven't been as productive as i had been. i find that this nice weather tends to lead me towards house cleaning, gardening and walking in the park. i just love my life.


  1. LIFE IS GOOD! What lil' you think you are getting made is quility....lookin' beautiful! and yes, take time to stop and smell the roses! LUV YA! OXOXOX ArteDar