Monday, May 26, 2008

the backyard

after many years of begging for a fish pond my husband finally announced he'd build one. so about 4 or 5 years ago we started digging it out by hand. we thought we'd build one about 8 foot x 10 foot but as we dug we kept hitting rocks which kept the hole growing. the more we dug the bigger the rocks got. so after days of digging we were so proud of ourselves and then his brother came over and said, "did you plum it?" we said, "huh"? who knew. so the bottom end had to be built up quite a bit. it took us almost 7 weeks from start to finish. it was quite the project. what was even more amazing then it turned out to be 10 foot x 20 foot was that only once he had to quit because i was miserable and only once i had to quit because he was miserable. i believe this was the first project ever that we worked well together on. here it is, not really in all it's glory because many of the flowers don't bloom until july, but the fish don't care. they had babies!


  1. Love your arches and your spoons. I much rather be in the craftroom then helping in the backyard. I don't blame you. Love this fish pond though.

  2. What alot of work...I always wanted a pond but never quite had the what for to dig one. It is beautiful and baby fish already. How fun.

  3. What a pond and OMG huge Koi!
    Is that a bunny holding the welcome sign?