Sunday, May 11, 2008

i wish i were a cupcake

quite some time ago on the mail art site i belong to, one of the girls had a chunky page swap where you picked the theme of the pages you would like to receive. i picked the theme of zetti cupcakes. i love cupcakes in all their glory. to me if there is anything better than a cupcake, god kept it for himself. i love to sink my teeth into a mound of icing gently resting ontop a moist, decadent cupcake. yum! oh heavens now look what i've gone and done. my mouth is watering for a cupcake but my hips say no, no, no! i need to get myself back on track here. ok, so the swap has been over for some time but i had yet to bind the pages together since i hadn't created a page myself. today i had some time for myself, so i finally stopped the procrastination and finished my page for the book.

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  1. it is just darling--and it is a perfect saying for you!!!