Saturday, May 17, 2008

journal junkit

have you ever had a connection with someone on the computer even tho you have never met them in person? i don't know how it happens or why it happens, i just know it does. i have made a few really terrific connections on a couple of the art sites and last year i started trading art with stewie, a person from england. the more we traded the more we chit chatted. i just started to look forward to the silly stories and jokes he would share. for me, there is nothing that brings me more joy then to laugh with someone. stewie can definitely make me chuckle. i made him a watercolor journal last year but he has informed me he already filled it up. i took the hint stewie, here's another one for you.


  1. this is just so perfect for stewie!

  2. That's so kewl Roc....and yes, I adore Sir Pumpkin too as he makes me laugh a lot as well....his art is amazing and beautiful!
    I love this journal you made for him....he's gonna love it too. I see a pic of an old relitive of mine in his firefighter hat....I'm so proud that you used it, TY!
    Love ya , Dar OXOXOXO