Sunday, May 4, 2008

my first arch

i have been watching a few of my favorite artists create arches and finally gave in and tried one. well i have to say i loved working on it. i think i now have a new passion to pursue. the little skulls that go across the top are a handmade stamp i carved from my learning experience at the art weekend i went to. i have to say someone there carved some skull stamps which inspired me when i got home to try my hand at making some for myself. i'm not really into the whole death/gothic arena but i thought these were more on the whimsical side. it's been quite a while since i sat down to do any art work and it felt good to get something accomplished today. the collage image and the ribbon are from the alpha stamps website. if you haven't checked them out yet, go to: they are always adding new things to their site.


  1. i love this, roc. and i love the template. is it one from mandy? i don't have it, but would like to....